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Rent to Own Program

We know that obtaining a band instrument for your child may be one of the most expensive school supplies that will ever be required. We also know that being concerned with whether or not your child will continue with band makes purchasing an instrument a difficult decision. With those facts in mind, we designed our school band Rent to Own Program to be second to none.


The West Plains Music Rent to Own Program was designed to put your mind at ease by offering the opportunity to ‘try before you buy,’ with a minimal up front investment on your part. To get started simply complete the required application and pay the activation fee. Payments are processed on a month-to-month basis until the principal amount of the instrument is paid in full. If for any reason your child no longer needs the instrument, or if your student is no longer enrolled in band, you can cancel the Rent to Own Agreement at anytime by simply returning the instrument to us.


Our program is designed to ensure that your child has a quality instrument that will last them from middle school through high school. Your monthly payments are comprised of a portion of the instrument's total principal amount and a small maintenance fee, plus applicable sales tax; no interest!


A musical instrument is an important investment. To ensure your student's instrument is in top performing shape, you can bring it in for regular maintenance and cleaning, all paid for by the small maintenance fee in your regular monthly payments*.


Stop by today to fill out a Rent to Own Agreement today and begin your child's first step toward their career in music performance!



*Damage resulting from abuse/replacement from loss or theft not coverered under the maintenance agreement.